Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DTV strangest

What is up with digital television? I mean the antenna with the converter box. I get all the basic channels except with Channel 13, which I miss. What I mean is what has happen to the signal reception after 12am, midnight, why don't I get reception, and why is it every time at the same time. Well I know it's not the tv fault, it's the station. Well I do get channel 25 and channel 7, but I never get the other channels at all, it registers as no signal, not weak signal. What is the station doing at midnight to the signals. I know I should be sleeping, but not the point. I just can't get my tv fix before I sleep. And I live in a major city, NEW YORK, where I assume this shouldn't be happening, at least it should be quick to fix. I get this all the time, so I assume the set of channels on this tower is getting fuck up, but why? Is it to save money? Well I know without the converter box, the channels are still running, because sometimes I watch the horrible quality to get my fix. Is this expected in the future when DTV comes full swing February so so.

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