Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prison Break Season Finale

I think they should end Prison Break, its gone on long enough, the title doesn't say it anymore. They can't go back to Prison anymore, if they do I would quit watching the show, I'm tired of watching the Prisons. They need to wrap up the show. They need to get back Scylla and then give it to the right people to take down the Company. The Brothers have gone very far, and need a break from all the drama. They need some peace.


Lots of TV has been viewed, just not enough time to write about them. We are about to hit a hiatus of TV shows as they air next year.
Lots of shows got canceled, and it looks like some shows are going for season finale.

I guess I was wrong

Looks like the country is really looking for change. Hopefully Obama can pull a miracle and save our country from falling even farther.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top 3 reasons why McCain will become president

As the 2008 election is today, and both candidates are going into the history books, but only one will go down as the 44th president, Barack Obama or John McCain. Either way both of them are qualified in their own right. But only one of them has more obstacles to jump through before going to the White House.
I don't think Barack Obama can get a majority of the popular votes to edge John McCain out. Although by far he is up in the polls and stands to win, but polls don't give a clear indication of the bigger picture. Only a selected group of people are chosen, supposedly random enough that it mimics the country. Also these people who take the survey won't choose truthfully for many reasons of their own.

I think race is the biggest wall Obama has to encounter. A lot of people may not be total racist but when hit that a black person could be president, he may not choose that person because all the other presidents are white. Change doesn't happen that easy. Also there would be people that would vote against him because he is black. Discrimination based on race still happens today whether we like it or not.

There is still this misconception that he is Muslim, although he isn't. But as long as there are people out there that think so, he stands to lose some votes. If there are 23% of Texans that believe Obama is Muslim, that’s a huge percentage, and Texas is huge. There is also that photo of him in a turban floating on the internet somewhere selling more lies.

Democrats stands on the raise tax side, although Joe the plumber argument isn’t valid for the middle class, this also has a negative effect on people. They think the next president would raise the tax on the money they haven't made yet, when they become rich.

Obama supports gay rights, and that would be a turn off for a lot of people.

Obama also supports letting women decide for themselves.

There is a lot against Obama, he definite would be change, but will he do it as president. He may make some changes but nothing to radical otherwise he be criticize right away that a black person in the white house is messing up.
Sure Obama carries a lot of popularity, but does that turn into votes, not really. Those supposedly youth vote aren't going to turn out in record numbers to save Obama.
I think the votes were set when the presidential candidates were named. People already knew which side they were on. The debates were so that they were right in making that decision. People aren't rational in making their vote depend on policy, but rather on how they feel.
Obama is very courageous for making a run for the 44th president. I think Obama would make a better choice for president instead of the alternative. But he would only follow the protocol and do what is told of him from the people who put him there.

Either way after this election there would be a lot of pundits coming out with books on why the 44th president won. Everyone is unsure now...
Sure people criticize Palin for her lack of knowledge, but she brings out the stereotypical soccer mom image, and people will continue to vote for that. Joe the plumber is another image, the common man. These strategies are very effective against Obama speeches. There are also scams and tricks that happen around the vicinity of the voting booth. Stuff like you don't vote today by some tricky people at the ballot office, just so you don’t vote for your candidate.
Therefore I say McCain will become the 44th president. Tonight will tell.

Anyone to refute that idea?

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ex List cancelled. Pushing Daisies near?

The Ex List canceled, what a surprise. How did they not see that one coming? I even change the channel to watch something else. I think they should just hire me to watch tv all day long and tell them if something is wrong with the episode. I didn't think the Ex List fit the CBS category of crime all the time on prime time. Such a waste of production money. Although there are some shows out there that do need the time to flower into something. Some networks just don't give the time for certain shows to sparkle.
Pushing Daisies, I use to watch it faithfully, but now I don't care so much. I don't run back after the commercial so I don't miss anything. The show has some good color, but the stories aren't really doing well, the way they solve crime is ehh, they need to work at another angle. They need to start working on why Ned is the way he is. I mean he touches dead things and comes back to life. I don't mean scientifically, just where did he get this gift, and such. Was it his father? And they need to develop the relationship between Chuck and Ned, or something, it's kind of getting boring between the two.
Dirty Sexy Money is doing alright, but it can't be good for the show with so many actors. It could get axe too if the budget is all out of wack, leaving alot of loose ends. But I think it should survive because the story is pretty interesting especially with all these characters. I like to know what the Black person game is. Or Father Darling game is.


Vmware 2 browser freezes

Vmware 2 starts with the browser, and after it loads, sometimes, sorta all the time it freezes the browser which is internet explorer. This is why vmware 2 sucks, what if I wanted to start another virtualization, then I would have to start the browser all over again, and then run it which is stupid. They need to rectify this and go back to some program that doesn't depend on another program not freezing.

Today's Word - immaculate

immaculate is something that is spotless, and clean. So if your place is immaculate it is a complement, that its clean.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smallville S08E07

I think its time to end Smallville, it's going to the shitter with these crime rates in Metropolis. Superman needs more of the Lex Luther kind of enemies. Also the other actors and characters are subpar to the previous group of people who have left. I felt like Clark Kent future half is a ditz, a moron. It's good that she cocky but she too much of a moron. I don't particularly like this character, and how is Clark Kent suppose to like this women. She isn't suppose to act like a moron all the time.

Smallville S08E07 HDTV XviD-NoTV

Java into windows executables

Turning Java into executables, I thought that was impossible until lately which I had to try GCJ, although it does work it makes the executables huge, so I guess the more lines you have the larger the executables would be, but that wouldn't be a issue, but the biggest problem is that it doesn't work when there is GUI or Swing in the program. I wish someone would tell me how they would do it. This makes me wonder that there isn't really a lot of Java program out there that are used by the masses, only Java is written for large corporations. So it is possible to turn Java into executables on windows, just very limited.

Chuck S02E05

Chuck graduating from Stanford finally is pretty awesome. Also him beating missile command is cool in some way. So does that mean that Chuck will leave the Buy More? It's kind of weird this world isn't it, that a person from Stanford has to work at Buy More, not that it's not a great job to be helping people, but Chuck doesn't seem to think so.
I think they are loosing steam on the Chuck train, it's not as dramatic anymore, they need to add some flair to keep it alive, before it gets the axe, and we'll never know what happens to the Intersect. At least they should have a good ending of the rebuilding of the Intersect in stored somewhere so if they got canceled, they can air that tape, instead of some cliffhanger. Alot of shows need to start thinking that way.


Lisa Schiffren is not as bright

On Bill Maher, she didn't sound as bright, I don't think she held her game, in someway I felt she didn't prepare enough to go on that show. Currently there isn't much said on that show lately, except the left / right banter. Can't wait for this election to be over then hopefully the topics will change for a while.

Today's Word - clod

clod is a lump of clay, when someone calls you a clod, your a moron. Someone who is stupid.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tribler BitTorrent client

Tribler is said to be the ultimate peer 2 peer bittorrent client, you can search your peers for files without the need for torrent sites, such as or They say its the downfall of these sites, but this only means the downfall of most torrents, usually the illegal ones. If you can search your peers for files, and they have illegal files, then so can the big companies which own this copyrighted material. And with the ip log and file log, companies can easier track the users. Although this can also be done today, but once most user migrate toward it, and they make a few examples out of a few individual, most people will be scared to ever use this.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen: Influence

Barnes & Noble Booksellers
Union Square
33 East 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

October 28, 2008
12:30 PM

The Olsen Twins will at my favorite Barnes & Noble store.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Programming Languages Java

Java the language, as everyone makes it seems is for the pc operation side, but it seems to be very web based. Sure it has both sides to it. But I didn't know how open source it was. I use to thought when you compile something and it would be unreadable, but it turns out that it is readable. When you turn it into bytecode, which is when the .java turns to .class you can use a java decompiler to turn it back into the source code which is the .java file. So everything you write in Java is really open source, seeable by everyone, basically no one really publish java files, or Jar files. Although big companies may use it because it really is open, and everyone inside the company is bind by the mouth. Java is fairly easy to start off as learning. Although they really need to make a Java compiler that turns to machine code or native code. If the JVM can do it, why isn't there one that does it for a specific type of system, say Windows. Sure it defeats the purpose of Java being ported everywhere else. But it also becomes closed source which really drives innovation, the copyrights and proprietary stuff. Why would people write for the public. Open source doesn't drive innovation, it becomes stagnant, when there is no motivation.