Saturday, October 25, 2008

Programming Languages Java

Java the language, as everyone makes it seems is for the pc operation side, but it seems to be very web based. Sure it has both sides to it. But I didn't know how open source it was. I use to thought when you compile something and it would be unreadable, but it turns out that it is readable. When you turn it into bytecode, which is when the .java turns to .class you can use a java decompiler to turn it back into the source code which is the .java file. So everything you write in Java is really open source, seeable by everyone, basically no one really publish java files, or Jar files. Although big companies may use it because it really is open, and everyone inside the company is bind by the mouth. Java is fairly easy to start off as learning. Although they really need to make a Java compiler that turns to machine code or native code. If the JVM can do it, why isn't there one that does it for a specific type of system, say Windows. Sure it defeats the purpose of Java being ported everywhere else. But it also becomes closed source which really drives innovation, the copyrights and proprietary stuff. Why would people write for the public. Open source doesn't drive innovation, it becomes stagnant, when there is no motivation.

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