Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Top 3 reasons why McCain will become president

As the 2008 election is today, and both candidates are going into the history books, but only one will go down as the 44th president, Barack Obama or John McCain. Either way both of them are qualified in their own right. But only one of them has more obstacles to jump through before going to the White House.
I don't think Barack Obama can get a majority of the popular votes to edge John McCain out. Although by far he is up in the polls and stands to win, but polls don't give a clear indication of the bigger picture. Only a selected group of people are chosen, supposedly random enough that it mimics the country. Also these people who take the survey won't choose truthfully for many reasons of their own.

I think race is the biggest wall Obama has to encounter. A lot of people may not be total racist but when hit that a black person could be president, he may not choose that person because all the other presidents are white. Change doesn't happen that easy. Also there would be people that would vote against him because he is black. Discrimination based on race still happens today whether we like it or not.

There is still this misconception that he is Muslim, although he isn't. But as long as there are people out there that think so, he stands to lose some votes. If there are 23% of Texans that believe Obama is Muslim, that’s a huge percentage, and Texas is huge. There is also that photo of him in a turban floating on the internet somewhere selling more lies.

Democrats stands on the raise tax side, although Joe the plumber argument isn’t valid for the middle class, this also has a negative effect on people. They think the next president would raise the tax on the money they haven't made yet, when they become rich.

Obama supports gay rights, and that would be a turn off for a lot of people.

Obama also supports letting women decide for themselves.

There is a lot against Obama, he definite would be change, but will he do it as president. He may make some changes but nothing to radical otherwise he be criticize right away that a black person in the white house is messing up.
Sure Obama carries a lot of popularity, but does that turn into votes, not really. Those supposedly youth vote aren't going to turn out in record numbers to save Obama.
I think the votes were set when the presidential candidates were named. People already knew which side they were on. The debates were so that they were right in making that decision. People aren't rational in making their vote depend on policy, but rather on how they feel.
Obama is very courageous for making a run for the 44th president. I think Obama would make a better choice for president instead of the alternative. But he would only follow the protocol and do what is told of him from the people who put him there.

Either way after this election there would be a lot of pundits coming out with books on why the 44th president won. Everyone is unsure now...
Sure people criticize Palin for her lack of knowledge, but she brings out the stereotypical soccer mom image, and people will continue to vote for that. Joe the plumber is another image, the common man. These strategies are very effective against Obama speeches. There are also scams and tricks that happen around the vicinity of the voting booth. Stuff like you don't vote today by some tricky people at the ballot office, just so you don’t vote for your candidate.
Therefore I say McCain will become the 44th president. Tonight will tell.

Anyone to refute that idea?

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