Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ex List cancelled. Pushing Daisies near?

The Ex List canceled, what a surprise. How did they not see that one coming? I even change the channel to watch something else. I think they should just hire me to watch tv all day long and tell them if something is wrong with the episode. I didn't think the Ex List fit the CBS category of crime all the time on prime time. Such a waste of production money. Although there are some shows out there that do need the time to flower into something. Some networks just don't give the time for certain shows to sparkle.
Pushing Daisies, I use to watch it faithfully, but now I don't care so much. I don't run back after the commercial so I don't miss anything. The show has some good color, but the stories aren't really doing well, the way they solve crime is ehh, they need to work at another angle. They need to start working on why Ned is the way he is. I mean he touches dead things and comes back to life. I don't mean scientifically, just where did he get this gift, and such. Was it his father? And they need to develop the relationship between Chuck and Ned, or something, it's kind of getting boring between the two.
Dirty Sexy Money is doing alright, but it can't be good for the show with so many actors. It could get axe too if the budget is all out of wack, leaving alot of loose ends. But I think it should survive because the story is pretty interesting especially with all these characters. I like to know what the Black person game is. Or Father Darling game is.


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