Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Movie - Forgetting Sarah Marshall

AWESOME!!! This was an awesome movie!!!

This is a great movie!!!

There might be spoilers for those who hasn't seen it yet. Just highlight the text below with your mouse to see better.

This was a excellent movie. I thought there should have been a little more Publicity for it, besides the lame attempt with lines I hate you Sarah. This was a really good movie and it could have blown the box office away. It was really funny and believable. In someways they should have called it 'the Penis movie', they showed his penis which blown me away and continues the shock me. Although calling it that would have given away the secret. You could actually play a drinking game with the numerous time the actors mention dick, penis, cock. It was very funny throughout. I thought this was better than most pornos. Very well done. In the Blu-Ray disc it included alot of extra stuff, it was funny how they film the nude scenes last. The unrated thing was a fake, if it was unrated how come we didn't see the girls nipple, and it had to be blur out. They should have put it in. I mean they gone as far as showing Jason Segal's penis. What's a little nipple going to hurt.

Did I mention that this was a awesome movie.

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