Saturday, October 18, 2008

PC TIP #12 - CTRL + +/-

Well you can control the font in your browser window. Changes the objects in your browser to be bigger and smaller depending on taste. This can be quite useful as currently a lot of people use font that are super tiny and are very hard on the eyes. So I just magnify the web page, although that may distort the view of certain things, but it doesn't matter as I just want to read the words.

There are two methods of doing this.

The keyboard is "CTRL + '+'" (the PLUS sign on top of '=' in qwerty keyboard.) This is use to increase the font size. The opposite would be "CTRL + '-'" which is use to decrease font size if it is too large. I haven't really visited a website that had supersize fonts.

Typically when you are using webpages you have at least one hand on the mouse and the other close to the keyboard. So the way to use the mouse and do it is press "CTRL + MouseScroller." Scrolling down increases the size and scrolling up decreases the size. This is very fun to do and easy. I can't believe I came about this as an accident. Somehow my hand was over the CTRL key and I scroll the mouse and found this neat pc trick.

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