Monday, October 6, 2008

PC TIP #7 - F5 Key

Did you know that the F5 key in your web browser it refreshes the page without you having to click on the refresh button. Much faster if you want to refresh the page. You can also use this in your windows explorer, to refresh the view files, but they usually refresh on their own. This refresh key is helpful on sites for And other sites that sell out stuff really fast if you want to get in on.
For those Firefox users there is a firefox extension that refreshes for you automatically at a predetermine time called ReloadEvery. ReloadEvery works miracles when you want to refresh any site you want or many at the same time. Although it is quite dangerous especially when you have close refresh between times. This can screw you over when you click on something and it refreshes for you, and just in that second the item disappears. I thought it was a very useful extension, but I don't get to really use it that much. ReloadEvery has a timer that you can set like refresh every 5 seconds, although I think that too close together, I don't think the website has finish loading before it refresh. You can set it to reload multiple sites too. Very good for just sitting back and watching it reload without you moving a finger.


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