Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prison Break S04E08 - The Price

This was a alright episode it accomplish a lot. But it wasn't as suspenseful as the other episode. The Asian dude when he stole the note, it was predictable that he would sell them out, and that he would get killed if he made contact, and it was unnecessary to keep him around any longer because he didn't have his special device anymore. T-bag isn't gonna get killed to the very end, if the shows doesn't just get cancel out of nowhere. Gretchen is kind of expendable, she just a business person if she was to sell Scylla. It be a shame to see the other characters on Team Scofield to die off, they all were at the wrong place at the wrong time when they got pulled into this mess. They each got lots to lose. Now the other thing is Michael character, is it possible for him to suffer the same fate as his mother. Well the black guy is very expendable, just another piece of the army of The Company. Now what exactly is Scylla remains to be seen. It could every government agent in the world that they got some stuff on use to blackmail them with. This relates to something that happens on ALIAS. Now the question remains was why did the company need Whistler in the first place. You think the General would easily extract him. This so far leaves a big hole for the sidetrack to Panama. There can't be anymore Prison to go to anymore, otherwise I would stop watching this show immediately. So the next step is how The General responds to this attempt on his card. It seems like him moving his whole infrastructure that correlates to what Scylla is, could be some secret weapon. It could also be that The Company is some secret society that is branched out into the world.


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