Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dow drops 777 points

That the biggest drop I ever seen, and also quite strange that it landed on 777, usually in Las Vegas slot machine, it usually gets you big money, but in this case, you pay the house big money.
Today the stock rise up a bit as people buy low in hopes to sell high, but the waters are so volatile that in near future it's hard to say when the high will be reach, stocks just seem to fall these days. Very dangerous time to play the stock market.
What is strange is the House didn't pass the bailout bill.
Democratic 140 95
Republican 65 133
Why? the argument to not pass the bill is to let the rich suffer doesn't work when all the little guys get screwed too. I support passing it, so let's hope it gets pass.

Final Vote Results for Roll Call 674

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