Tuesday, September 30, 2008

VMware 2 sucks!

Need I say more?
For some reason they the new version requires you to load up a web browser to start up the virtualization. So they install a web server (tomcat) extra stuff I think. Then comes several ok clicks for certificates. And I come to a login screen which was strange to me as during the installation I never enter in any information, so I was left pondering what was the login and the password. After some digging and some reading I found out that the Login name and password were of the current login user of the operating system.
VMware Infrastructure Web Access
The operating system username and password is the same as for VMware.
Although we should all read the manual, it wasn't very intuitive.
Once I login, they had the options they had previously in the web browser. I then tried to see how the console was they required me to install a plug-in before they let me use the virtualization. Once installed, I still got errors from the plug-in, so another reboot (second reboot after the first one of complete installation). Then finally it works and loads another screen of another operating system. I found this to be a big hassle, very slow, and unfriendly, compare with the old VMware.

For those who don't know, VMware is free and allows you to run another operating system on top of the operating system you are running, and allows for remote login. Very neat if you want to try out other operating system and don't want to screw around with the current OS so that you don't have a headache.


Shoobster said...

I used to use VMWare to boot a second partition with Ubuntu on it. Now VMWare 2.0 doesnt support raw drives, at least not in the free version, so I cannot now boot the real drive partition. Please note that you can still do so if you have a virtual machine where there is already a raw drive added - dont delete this and try to readd as you will not be able to. >>Shoobster<<

Frosh said...

I don't know if the release of VMware 2 correlates to the stock decline, not decline, I meant dropped. They made a bad judgment call. Microsoft is probably gonna eat them up.
shoobster, Are you using another virtualization software, if so, which one?
I also use the free one.